Matt Myers is an Artist and Designer working in a variety of disciplines, creating Art, Paintings, Drawings, Tile Mosaics, Glasswork, Historical and Theatrical Costumes, Wearable Art, Fashion, Interior and Exterior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Wearable Art.

Something New

Sometimes it is necessary to make a change.


This will begin something new for me. Actually, something old and something new. I'm returning to freelance after ten years of full-time employment. 

It's common knowledge a full-time job offers security in exchange for the hours of life it consumes. Coming from a working life as a free-lance artist/designer, employment utilized a portion of my talent and enabled me to improve the skills related. But only a small portion. The lack of challenge and the awareness that my abilities would not be utilized was a trade-off for a steady paycheck, access to health insurance, and the opportunity to invest in a pension. All those things we are told contribute to a responsible and useful member of society.  

Unfortunately, another trade-off is the reliance on the general health of the employer. Unlike free-lance, If an employer loses it's vitality, others are at the wheel of control. You are subject to their level of inspiration, ability, and commitment - not your own. Full-time employment can end just like a free-lance contract and all the benefit can be taken away. If you are reliable, if you are loyal, if you provide excellence in your work product, you are still dependent on the choices of others who have no stake in your success.

So am I happy about a return to the challenge and the ebb and flow of free-lance? Yes and no. I've grown complacent. I've become less than I was before. I've relied on comfort at the expense of personal growth. I've become dependent on benefits provided by others and given up on myself a little. I don't have a choice, but I am excited about a return to a life where I do have choices and challenges, where I have some actual control over the expression of my talent.

Here goes.