Matt Myers is an Artist and Designer working in a variety of disciplines, creating Art, Paintings, Drawings, Tile Mosaics, Glasswork, Historical and Theatrical Costumes, Wearable Art, Fashion, Interior and Exterior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Wearable Art.

Muse .

Mural . 80' x 7' (total) . in the Dining Room of the Gulf Stream Hotel, Lake Worth, FL

Historic Hotels of America . for Janet Ott Design . Clearwater, FL

Carmen .


14 Paintings . 4'-10' x 3' . in the Carmen Dining Room on the Nordic Empress

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines . for Victoria Taylor & Associates, Essex, CT

Terra Cotta Tile Dome .


Mural . 40' diameter . Rotunda Dome in Coronado Springs, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Disney Development Company . for Daroff Design, Philadelphia, PA

prime transportation .


Mural . 110' x 10' . in the Prime Millennium Building Gymnasium . Springfield, MO

Prime Trucking, Inc . for Buxton Werner Design, Springfield, MO

folk art fiesta murals .


8 Murals . each 10' x 10' . Reception Desk in Coronado Springs, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Disney Development Corporation . For Daroff Design Group, Philadelphia, PA