Matt Myers is an Artist and Designer working in a variety of disciplines, creating Art, Paintings, Drawings, Tile Mosaics, Glasswork, Historical and Theatrical Costumes, Wearable Art, Fashion, Interior and Exterior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Wearable Art.

How long does it take for a commission to be finished?

This depends partly on what you are commissioning and how large the commission is going to be. Preferably, no less than 2 weeks should be given for smaller commissions (one or two items) and at least a month for larger commissions. 

Can I submit multiple commissions at once?

Yes, but they may not be done at the same time, if this is important make a note of it and I will make a decision for each case individually. 

Can I feature pictures of what I commission on my site?

Yes, please do! I only ask that you provide a link to this site stating that I am the creator.